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Checklist for Valuable Canadian Coins

I have often wondered when rolling my spare change in coin wrappers whether I was giving away coins that are worth more than their face value in collector’s markets. Additionally, I’ve recently been researching metal-detecting & treasure hunting on beaches and other areas. When I find coins, which ones are worth more than their face-value and which are not? With this in mind, I’ve created a checklist for myself to help flag coins that might be valuable in some way. Of course, the value of coins varies according to what is in demand in collector’s markets. So the checklist is already out of date. That said, if you don’t know much about the coin collector’s market and how to spot a valuable coin when you see one, this checklist is a good start. The checklist should be helpful to those who manually deal with coins on a regular basis, such as coin-operated machine owners, metal-detectorists, and coin-shooters. Keep in mind that this checklist is not a replacement for a good coin guide (recommendations?) and a good knowledge of coins.

I hope you find the checklist useful. Please share in the comments below if it has brought you any success in identifying valuable coins.

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